Kingsroad Tattoo
Rebecca Harjamäki

My name is Rebecca Ryrberg and I am the owner of Kingsraod Tattoo. I do both tattoos and piercings and I have been doing this for forteen years now. I like all kind of tattoos but my preferred type of art is portraits and realistic motives mostly in black and grey. I am also good at texts and other small and delicate tattoos.

I also do almost all kinds of piercings and do not hesitate to ask if you want tips and advice about your piercing!

Im Jimmy and I have been working at Kingsraod Tattoo since april 2013 and in other studios for some years befor that. My favourite style is "traditional" in both black and grey and colour, love to put in some traditional mandalas! I also enjoy doing the japanese style. Contact me for any questions!

Jimmy Sunesson